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Junto is an invite-only internet platform that empowers you to explore ideas together with people from around the world that work in different industries and disciplines. Our mission is to move your ideas forward.

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Network of Networks

We are not an echo chamber. We encourage diversity of thought.

Catalyze Your Ideas

We don't reinforce your views. We thrive on giving critical feedback.

Action Oriented

We are not a talking shop. We move your ideas forward.

United Purpose

All ideas support our purpose of improving the state of the world.


Inspired by Benjamin Franklin, our mission is to explore ideas together and move them forward. From the age of 21, the young Franklin gathered his Junto, a club for mutual improvement where members would debate philosophical and practical issues. They built a townhouse for meetings, created a subscription library and funded expeditions. They traded thoughts and knowledge, thereby partially catalyzing the American Revolution.

Our members have been involved with...

                                             Thiel Fellowship      Singularity University                               

... in addition our community comprises of artists, entrepreneurs, hackers, investors, curators, analysts, consultants, scientists, researchers, marketers, designers, policy makers, physicists, lawyers, doctors, film makers, actors, musicians, psychologists, technologists, philosophers, engineers, architects and students from every corner of the world.


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